Early Risers Club


Never attended one, yet I’m a shoe in for father of the year. Explain that to her and you’ll be grand


I’ll tell her some lad off the INTERNET told me I don’t need to go.


Not just some lad. Tell her about the three years in a row…You’ll be grand


I doubt any lad here needs to let his wife know that TFK even exists


Fair point.
I suppose there’ll be a bit about pain management, drug choices, risks etc. This is a good time to stick up your hand and ask if ‘wetting the baby’s head’ is still a thing. Say you’ve already bought the cigars.


Those classes are a waste of time.


They do pumpkin carving lessons now.


For dilettantes


Ah sure we all know that but you’d want your head examined to tell a heavily pregnant woman that


Sure you’ll be back at base for Arsenal-Liverpool this evening with a bag of chips in your hand.

As Munster based muldoons would say…how bad.


They’re not a waste of time for women, they’re an attempt to establish control over their man in the new scenario . Guilt, shame, ‘look what I have to go through’ etc etc. Ante natal classes are what feminists refer to as 'the thin edge of the wedge '.
You’ve already done the most important part of the whole pregnancy business.
Leave her to the door.


Did you go into the birthing room with your life partner buddy ?


When is the big day chief?


Be wide kid.

The one I was on showed old fanny pads and the discharge colours to watch out for.

Passed them around the room.

We did the free antenatal in Cork. Weird cunts



7 weeks to go pal


Yikes. I’m doing the free one in Dublin. Having a quick Tom Kite before chatting to a few howyas


You’ll hear at least one “yizz are fooking animals” before the day is out


Nice Christmas present. Hope all goes well kid. You’re in my thoughts


Take this scutter to the fathers thread ye cunts.