Early Risers Club


What’s up hun?


The only advice a man who is not working at a birth needs is the same advice given to anybody who meets Bressie

Don’t look down


you can see why posters are leaving in their droves


Nothing like starting your day with some NFL action


Just back from a wet and windy 7k.


What kind of time you doing, brah?


6.15am usually pal.


Another day, another dollar!


No doubt ye’ll all be delighted.


they’ll all be grabbing their moobs and smiling


Up nice and early for the red to London #moneyneversleeps #igettwohours


It’s not easy.


If it was, every punk would be doing it


Be careful out there lads. Savage amount of rain after falling. Lot of surface water


Ok. Thanks.


The rain is lashing down here and I’ve a howya taxidriver here desperately trying to back pedal to scramble for a tip after an awful start for him.



You’re a pathetic cunt - denigrating someone because of an accent… the man is out trying to earn a living and his background or accent shouldnt be judged. Particularly by some snide rubby enthusiast that rolls around taxis blind drunk on weekends.


But he was a northsider…yuckie.


Did you request a non Northsider? - Why didnt you walk or get another cab?

No, in typical self hating Irish fashion, you shut your mouth and complained to everyone else later. You weak, sorry excuse of a man.


Yes I did request a non-northsider and I will be making a complaint to their head office. I gave him a piece of my mind as well but I had no choice but to get into his grubby car as I had a train to catch.