Early Risers Club


If you read the article that sounds about as vague a conclusion as they could come up with. I’d love to see how some of these stats you see reported sometimes are actually calculated.

*I really hope I don’t get breast cancer.


Let us know how it goes bud… I suppose if you just learned to drive you wouldnt have to rely on grubby cabs and trains to hell holes like Galway.


Send them an email


That was generous of you . Will you be able to keep the lights on?



Woke up this morning feeling fine


its the only time of day you get quality work done and make correct decisions




It’s an hour before I usually get up but I’d thought I’d give this ago and see what all the fuss was about.


It has begun


I just made a great decision. The mental clarity is unreal


You decided to stay in bed?


Day nearly over at this stage.


I’m winding down for the weekend now, have a redeye to Shannon this afternoon


I’ll talk to you later, safe travels pal. Winds pretty big today


When I am flying into Dublin or Shannon I always laugh at that auld joke to myself, the pilot comes on and says you better set your watch to 1956


You’re living in 2118 pal. Lads here living in 2008


the productivity and clarity of thought sitting at your desk at 5am is off the charts


Morning lads.Still a bit dark but shure fuck it.


You’ll get a power of work done while the rest of these muldoons are winding down for the night.