Early Risers Club


2nd day at this. Not quite convinced yesterday although I went straight into work mode.

Try something different today. Going to meditate for half an hour and say a few prayers after that. Intend to go for a run at 5am, will make the kids breakfast when I get back.


Taking one of the lads to soccer training now.


Had a lie in this morning.


5k done, showered and meditated some more. Kids only stirring now, I’ve prepared their porridge and read The Irish Times and Racing Post which I picked up after the run. I barely get time to read them when their up.

Horse Riding at 11.30 and swimming after lunch. I’ve an errand to run later but at this rate I’ll have plenty of time to fit it in.


I took out a window at 6am.


Was the clarity unrale?


I can herd the cattle from the dining room now.


That’s superb. They won’t know what’s hit them


Withdraw that you cunt


The bull has upped his game already


This thread makes no sense


Oiche maith


Is he riding the cattle? You’re very enlightened down in that part of the country


its for people who get up between 04:30 and 06:30


You’d feel a little for such corporate types, not like they’re getting up to fight a war like the good ol’ days


I sat down with him during the week to go through the results of last weekends herd scan. He was in no doubt when he left the crush as to the areas he needs to improve on.


I spose you had a length of black pipe in one hand and a beef sandwich in the other


I’d say it was like that sketch from the meaning of life


Reasonable enough props in the circumstance


That’s Munster joinery for you,butchers