Early Risers Club


Said there is no link between insomnia and early death.


That’s what I said.


clearly never tasted their “coffee”


Possible? Looking at the who’s who of quaaares that post here, I would have thought that was a certainty.



Now just need to work out who’s doing the giving and who’s doing the taking.


Well I’m nobody’s bitch if that helps


I’m sure Nobody is a very lucky man indeed.


Over a 1,000 posts, must be up there for thread of the year


I haven’t heard any complaints


Well which faggot is going to log in this lovely fine Saturday morning…


great to be fresh on a Saturday morning, I am just after getting a few jobs done around the house



Early start, even for this thread.


Morning lads


Lovely crisp morning


Lovely fresh weather these mornings


An hour of peaceful deep work ahead. My favourite time of the day.


quality rather than quantity


Getting a few jobs done around the house here


Iv 20 minutes of foam rolling done there. Time to gwt out the old skipping rope now and feel the burn as the man says