Early Risers Club


Time for some mindfulness


May as well get a jog in


Just started to lash rain, staying put




It’s chucking down, fuck that


As the early risers club is a about to shut for another day It’s great to see the same lads in here every morning. A tight knit group with common goals. A very close community.


Have a good day mate. In the airport, off to Munich for the weekend.


That East breeze has fucked off thank god. Great to see fellow early risers getting their work done here on the train


Morning @AppleCrumbled
Leave yourself plenty of time now.


Tuesday is always a bit of a nothing day, best to get at things early though…


November is a great month for putting the head down and getting some serious graft done. Essential in ensuring a nice relaxing Christmas and a clean start to 2019.

Another 2 weeks of early rising and then a month of relaxation ahead. :clap:


You must have been sitting on your ass all summer.
I’m going to hit the snooze button and give you lads a chance to catch up a little


You’re finishing up very early this year, bro?

It is absolutely bucketing down here in Dublin ciry centre.


You’d need that month of relaxing before calving season kicks in mate.


Morning guys, rain has eased.


Dicky Fox knew



Morning Guys

Heading out for a quick run before the fight


Does anybody really do this regularly? Uuuuuunnnnnnnngh!


It’s minus craic :face_vomiting: