Early Risers Club


Up and at them, time to take care of business


Up for a run now. Two boiled eggs and a cup of tea


Hang in there lads, a mighty club to be part of


I’m up and about despite five pints two nights running. Off for a run now.


That’ll clear out the cobwebs.


I hope so.


Only 3 weeks to go until the holidays, up and at ‘em!


Full steam ahead!!


Lets do this bro


Signing in


I was going to do some work after a bit of TFKing but going for a run after reading the depression thread.

We all have to keep moving…


Damp start to the day…


I’m at the luas stop in clondalkin. Pissing rain. Any cunt getting up at this time for pleasure is a fool.


Even the Presbyterians have more sense


The truth is out


Hope your day improves chaps, I’ll be making my merry way home soon after a day at the cliff face.


A shot of Apple cidar vinegar would really clear a lad out at this hour


Top of the morning to ye


Lovely fresh morning. It’s going to be a productive day


The slackers amongst us will be dossing and putting off what has to be done until the New Year.