Early Risers Club


Interesting to note you never see a nordie posting in this thread in the morning, thrown in bed waiting for the dole no doubt


Ducks are standing on the ice on the pond here at work. It’s fcuking freezing.


You work in a pond ?


A great big pond of soup.


I knew you were a soup taker,I’m also not surprised you’re swimming in it.


Up and at them




Aye go on shur


Taking the young fella to football training.


Jaysus that’s early


The meeting time was 7:50am CET for a challenge match. 20 minute drive. About -2 so not too bad. They trained in -11 two weeks ago.


Extra jersey on that day I’d say


And a woolly hat. The young fella would be walking around with the jacket wide open though. Bit Irish that way. Must go for a spin later on. Three layers.


poor @balbec and his grim life


Wanted to run this morning but you’d get no pleasure out in that


skin is waterproof mate. man up


You’re not a disprin pal.


An inspiration to us all!


I’m up and scrubbing away at things.

My annual visit to celebrate my uncle’s birthday has arrived. He’s 103 today and has gone into a nursing home to alleviate the burden on the family - his wife has balance issues related to dementia.

The Boxtys are hardy hoors and I’m looking forward to a good verbal joust .

FAO North Kildare patrons.,… beware of elderly motorists accessing or exiting N4 junctions .


Off out to mass in the driving snow.