Early Risers Club


Off out on the bike. Fcuking freezing. Hangover 4/10. Not bad.


Morning. 2 hours kip up mopping floors. I could do with a few lines


Got up there. Bad idea. Reverse.




Did you source that car part for me?


Following on from an earlier post I navigated this tour with the minimum of fuss. I was home by 6.30 after a grand day. My uncle is in top order for his age and indeed is herself but the focus skews offline by times. I suppose when your 96/7 it ain’t that handy.

An interesting query from himself… How long is XXX ( the hero of the McGahern Book) dead?
1996 says I, why are you asking?
He’d be as old as me if he’d lived…
How do you know that?
We were baptised in the same water…

A downside occurred on the return voyage. I stopped in Feerick’s of Rathowen for a bit of grub. Feerick’s is the equivalent of Finnegan’s of Annacotty to a rural Connacht man.
The grub was the finest but the ambience was ruined by about 20 young hard chaws in different soccer ball jerseys hurling foul-mouthed abuse at each other…

Their parents would be ashamed of them really.


3:31 must have slept in. Il make that min back in the morning run.


More Nightwatchman than Early Riser tbf


Where do you run mate? There isn’t many of us around Limerick in the early hours


Usually around Raheen,


You’ll likely bump into @chocolatemice


Up and atom. Serious shopping day ahead


Big day ahead



You up changing nappies?


Ha! The baba was up which means everyone is awake


Hup out of it


Thinking of getting out of bed but theres work on the floor.


Get up and hit the work hard. You’ll have it bested by 11 ò clock, you’ll feel great and you can spend the rest of the day pottering about making gourmet lunch and listening to old records with a sense of contentment.


This is as good a thread as any. Great to see the like of @Tassotti, @TheUlteriorMotive and @KinvarasPassion featuring in The Times Magazine