Economic repercussion of Corona

Landlords are key players. They can’t evict but should pass on any loan freezes.

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I know of one big commercial landlord in Galway who is still demanding full rent. There are action committees being set up in response as is totally fucked up

Not the Comers. They are meeting with tenants tomorrow afaik

Vigilante action required. Cunts.

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Also work continues at pace on the new Dean Hotel in Galway City. Their original opening date was supposed to be Nov 19, then was put back to March 2020 and then put back to Nov 2020. I’d say the cunts are fucking delighted

Student accom building should proceed (a good one for my side), hotel developments could be difficult, apartments and social housing will be needed - the likes of cluid and co-op carry on?

Just published in past hour…

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Revenue wants to take pressure off DEASP so are asking employers to keep employees on the books. A fucking nightmare for payroll officers and the software folk… Hacking systems in a rush. There will be some amount of corrections afterwards.

And so it begins

Good podcast today on this topic for anyone signed up to second captains with Mark Blythe.

Did you imagine Frankie Boyle was speaking as you were listening to it?

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Yeah, really like Blythe. He has a great of communicating a complex idea into layman’s language. The quantitative easing/ helicopter payment analogy with making tea was very good.

I’ve followed him since Ken had him on two years ago.

My excuse for a business is completely banjaxed. Phone hasn’t rung in 3 weeks. My accountant didn’t even return my call earlier. At least I’ve got my looks.


Same issue ongoing myself, everyone running around wondering what we’re should be doing at the minute. We’ve closed all our sites today. How do you stop and restart a 50m a month turnover company with very poor cashflow and tiny margins.

Lot of construction work underway in Galway between Crown Square and Bonham Quay down the docks and a couple smaller projects. You’d wonder where this leaves it all? That said they are almost halfway through Bonham Quay already.

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We came that close to hitting the bigtime. Back to the horse and cart now alas

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His explanation of his health insurance plan was mental - pays 13k a year and then if he gets ill has to pay a further 6k before health insurance kicks in.

I heard it this morning, excellent podcast. Blythe might have skin in the game when he praises the Brits for what they have done/are doing (being Scottish) but he talked a whole pile of sense. In fairness to Ken Early, he asked excellent questions that you would be thinking and wanted to ask if you were in the same conversation with Blythe.

Thats a poor combination. Tough going. Grab every bit of support that is going

An absolutely huge amount of money is being spent here. It’s a big move. A lot of businesses will still fold but on a short-term level, it could keep some afloat.

If a business’ turnover has dropped by at least 25%, they’re eligible for this scheme.