ENGLAND Supporters Thread - Qatar here we come

That’s an antisemetic comment


That’s an anti semantic comment

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Bang on.

Over a quarter of tans draw their heritage from Ireland.

Carthorse Kane is injured again apparently

Caherline’s Harry Kane

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This could be their Jimmy Greaves moment.

Is it his pride, after backing down to FA suits?

Conte had Kane purring.

It’s actually a semantic comment.

@ChairmanDan i hope you didn’t put your costume on.

Them cunts did fuck all in the Crusades outside Robin of Locksley.

That’s a shame. The Crusader costumes always add to the sense of occasion and spectacle.

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Would be like English fans wearing paratrooper uniforms at a game in Dublin or Belfast. Surely they knew what they were doing wearing a crusader uniform in the middle east.

Sounds like we’re putting those Taffies to the sword. I’ll get into this properly now over the weekend as we move into the knockout stages.


We never had to get out of second gear in this group