ENGLAND Supporters Thread - World Cup 2018, Russia Here We Come


“the oxen reposed under the shade of the mighty British oak”


I’ve had that line polished and ready to go for quite some time now, in preparation for recitation on June 18th.


This is a tremendous read.


Would be very surprised if England beat Tunisia.

FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread

I’d be amazed if England fail to beat Tunisia.


Best version yet.


why did you choose a woman beater as your username?


I clarified this for you months ago (not that’s it any of your business in the first place). Geoffrey Boycott is my real name.

Now fuck off.


Send @Mac a copy of your birth cert to verify


No Geoffrey Boycott ever lined out for Carlow senior hurlers…

Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?

@mac already has it.


That’s a clamping


Never knew you were such an authority on Carlow hurling in the late 80’s/early 90’s.


I think Geoff went by his Irish language name back in the early 90s.

I have a distinct memory of a Seathrun O’Bhoicheid lining out for Carlow against Westmeath in the curtain raiser to the third Dublin-Meath match in 1991.

Himself and Mark Mullins were excellent for Carlow that day.

Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?

Mark Mullins moved on . What became of Geoff ??


Moved back to London


What year did Mark Mullins join Na Pisraaigh ???



Some time in the late 80’s. Not sure exactly what year he switched from Bagenalstown but he was on the Na Piarsaigh team that won their first Cork Championship in 1990. I’ll be talking to him over the next week or two so I can find out for you.

I do know his last year with Carlow was 1992 when we won the B Championship and played Galway in the Quarter Final.


I recall him having a great game against the Rockies in the 90 semi final, put up a huge score, nice player unfortunate to have played in some of the worst ever Cork teams