English Premier League - Title Race Hotting Up

I’ve been online and hadn’t switched on the Birmingham-Arsenal game yet but I’m just browsing some other sites and apparently Eduardo was the victim of a disgraceful tackle from Martin Taylor after just 2 minutes and suffered a broken leg. He got 8 minutes’ treatment on the pitch and Taylor was sent off. Sky haven’t shown any replays of the tackle due to the horrific nature of it.

Don’t think the tackle was disgraceful just mistimed. Outcome apparently horrific though. Didn’t see it myself but saw the aftermath and Juhniallio rang me on it.

As a United fan I didnt want to see Birmingham go to ten men so early. Bad for Eduardo though.

Yep, more people are now saying it was the injury suffered rather than the tackle that was awful. Why was the lad sent off so? I haven’t flicked on the telly because I’m a bit squeamish about stuff like that. Hope Eduardo gets back playing next season - he’s a good player.

McFadden 1.0. :frowning:

I might watch the second half now as long as they don’t show Eduardo’s injury. I can see Arsenal being camped out on the edge of the Birmingham box for the rest of the game. Think I have a draw in the sweep down in the pub so Adebayor after 85 minutes and a hardfought 1-1 will do me.

I would take that myself Bandage but feel that Arsenal will probbably win it if they can with at least 20 minutes left.

Saw the tackle there on youtube and it dosent look that bad. Must have been the way he went down. You cant tell from the angle as its too far away to see what happened.

Get in there McFadden. Great penalty under pressure. Gallas was like a spolit little child. Thats petty. I think that he should get suspended for that carry on. Sitting on the field at the end protesting. Depending on later on that could turn the tide in Uniteds favour.

Dramatic finale alright and it could be a real momentum changer in the title race. Gallas’ behaviour was ridiculous and completely unprofessional and made worse by virtue of the fact that he’s their captain. Storming off the pitch and kicking the advertising hoardings as you’re defending a penalty in injury time and then staying on the half-way line with a petted lip - clown. What if the 'keeper had blocked/parried the pen? That fool wouldn’t even have been there for a potential rebound. Shocking lack of leadership.

I only watched one angle of the tackle and it didn’t look malicious and the referee might have been influenced by the extent of the injury when he sent the player off. That said apparently there’s pictures available on the web that show the guy’s studs were up and over the ball.

I saw the pictures and it looks sickening the tackle. How many tackles do you see that are like that and nobody gets hurt. Its just unlucky for Eduardo that his leg broke. It reminded me of Alan Smiths leg break. His looked awful at the time but he was back in 8 months playing so you never know.

If you have a weak stomach dont look down.

Good God that’s horrific.

What was the script with the penalty at the end - harsh decision or just ridiculous petulance from Gallas or both?

[quote=“therock67”]Good God that’s horrific.

What was the script with the penalty at the end - harsh decision or just ridiculous petulance from Gallas or both?[/quote]

I think it was a bit of both.

Basically, a long ball was played forward to the edge of the Arsenal box and it came straight to Flamini. He could have thumped it back to where it came from or into the stand or wherever but instead cushioned a lay-off out left towards Clichy.

I don’t think Clichy was expecting a pass and he had tucked in a bit but he turned and meandered out in the direction of the ball without much urgency. He didn’t notice Parnaby on his blind side haring in diagonally to the ball until too late and dangled out a leg towards the ball just as Parnaby nipped in and got a toe to it and fell over his leg.

It seemed that both players might have made contact with the ball but I’ve seen pens awarded for such instances before. It was a concentration lapse by Clichy though.

However, Gallas was ridiculously petulant. He stayed sitting down in the centre circle for ages afterwards and that was after he’d kicked the hoardings and walked manically around shouting obscenities and totally ignored the penalty. Fool.

Arsenals resolve is really going to be tested now. I think that they are going to feel the pressure. [SIZE=2]Adebayor[/SIZE] and Bendter are the new Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham. They certainly dont get on. Gallas showing no leadership skills today. A captain has to set an example. Chelsea and United are capable of overtaking Arsenal.