Eoin Kelly

I like Eoin Kelly, he’s an outrageously talented hurler, albeit wasteful at times and inconsistent. Obviously has an attitude on the pitch, but he’s never boring.

Good interview with him in the IT today from Buenos Aires, he’s not one for cliches.


Eoin Kelly does his own thing.

This does not need it’s own thread.

I know, its not even the real Eoin Kelly :rolleyes:

Not just one thread, but two threads flano


[quote=“myboyblue”]Not just one thread, but two threads flano


Nothing about the use of technology in that thread MBB, I’m looking at the wider Eoin picture…

Yes he does his own thing…

[quote=“Watchyourtoes”]Yes he does his own thing…

Jaysus, be careful who you’re calling a “thing”…