EPL This Weekend

West Ham’s result takes them out of the relegation zone at the expense of Wigan. This could get very messy for the Premier League as Wigan’s owner, Dave Whelan, has been threatening legal action against both West Ham and the Premier League after West Ham got away without a points’ deduction in the wake of the Tevez and Mascherano investigation. I know the fine was substantial but I thought it definitely warranted a points’ penalty. The League said they wanted relegation to be decided on the pitch and not because of an investigation like this one. But do they not realise that Tevez had been playing illegally for most of the season? They also said the WH fans had been blameless and they felt the fans didn’t deserve to be hit with a points’ penalty. As someone in one of the papers the other day said, does this mean all relegation threatened teams won’t have penalties given against them as it would upset the fans and they’ll have been blameless. WH are away to ManU and not sure who Wigan play next week. Huge win for Fulham - helped by Benitez resting players.

ManU look to have the title wrapped up. City have only scored 10 goals in 19 home league games and none since New Year’s Day. Abysmal.