ESPN's 30 for 30




Excellent viewing. Highly recommended.


Not the best quality but it’s on YouTube

If you have Netflix you can easily get the US one with Hola and the 30 for 30s land there very quickly. I watched Trojan War on there a couple of weeks ago and it’s only out a month or so.


Holyfield is a knob but he was a great fighter. Despite the obvious steroid use. Massive heart. He out-manned Mike Tyson big time.


Trojan War was very watchable. Reggie fuckin Bush people.


It was good yeah. Kind of suffers from a bit of fatigue over the college stories at this stage for a new watcher - i.e. the Fab Five, the U and the SMU ones have already dealt heavily in the college scandal story.

Pete Carroll though, you’d run through a wall for him.


Not 30 for 30 but I’ve been rewatching Ken Burns Baseball series. Just a wonderful series. The 1940/1950 episode is probably my favourite episode - Jackie Robinson and the summer of '41 (Ted Williams hitting a .400 average and Joe DiMaggio’s 56 hit streak). Burns captures the excitement of that summer just brilliantly. It really makes you understand how much the drugs in baseball ruining established records damaged baseball as a national sport there. Those records were cherished by Americans.


Four Falls of Buffalo.

Documents the run of the Bills to 4 successive losing Super Bowl appearances. Despite knowing the eventual outcome, you can’t help but believe there will be a fairytale ending. The Comeback match against the Oilers will put shivers down your back. They’d have at least one if they hadn’t met a ridiculous Cowboys side in successive bowls. Turnovers killed them.

A tale of heroic failure; do not watch when hungover or there’s a chance you’ll cry.



Buffalo looks like some shithole too. Anyone been?


A great show… @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr is a big Jim Kelly fan.


Father-in-law - sitting right beside me. Said it’s a shithole alright.


I love Marv Levy


Looking forward to this one @Mac


Really enjoyng the Slaying The Badger episode on BT Sports now.


Rifled through 3 of these on my last day of holidays yesterday. 3 absolute clinkers but in order of preference;

A quality insight into the wheeling and dealings of Draft Day. Elway comes across as some cunt but you have to take your hat off to him. The kid was not going to Baltimore for love nor money. Tom Selleck’s gravy-like narration make this the ideal supplement to a wet, miserable day. 4 stars.

A look at the origins of ice hockey in the Soviet Union and how they became the most powerful nation on Earth. I think they never played ice hockey until 1946, rather an 11-a-side version (bandy). Some of the training they ‘endured’ was ridiculous. There was one lad juggling 2 balls in one hand, curling a 20kg weight in the other, allthewhile squatting. The second half poignantly deals with one man’s struggles to leave the soviet army and become the first Russian in the NHL. The final scenes are filmed in Moscow where he’s parading the Stanley Cup. Scenes. 4 stars.

I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the basketball doco’s (Bad Boys aside) but this was enjoyable viewing. Considered by some as the greatest college player ever, we get an insight into what made Laettner widely despised. They cover the key factors fairly extensively; He was white, went to a rich kids school, showed no respect on the court and yet was the best around. It would’ve been nice if they’d got Shaq on the film to comment, but howandever. 3 & a half stars.


I’m not a basketball fan but there are some crackers on it… Reggie Miller vs the New York Nicks…The Fab Five…When the Garden was Eden…Survive and advance…Unguarded.


And the greatest 30 for 30 of them all was also Basketball, Once Brothers.


Ah yeah, forgot Survive & Advance and Once Brothers. I was ESPN’d off my chops at the time of writing.


Just watched “I Hate Christian Laettner” - fantastic Chucks - nice one for the heads-up.


Was Laettner the amateur on the ‘Dream Team’?