ESPN's 30 for 30




Correct as well.


He wasn’t much liked there either from the books I’ve read.


I think it’s fair to say Shaq was seething that he didn’t get picked. Well and truly mugged off.


What fuckin’ books have you read?


Give it a whirl pal…


Ann and Barry: The Chronicles


Any good?


Bit dark in places.


I’ll be watching this tomorrow night, the bills were what got me into NFL and it’ll be a hard watch. It was some fucking team with kelly, reed, Thomas and marv running the show. If only they could have won just fucking one




Watched the Christian Laettner one there now. Great doc and you can’t help but admire Laettner


I did notice, in one of the first clips where he started a racket against the homeboys, he wasn’t long running like fuck.


The homeboys said “he had game” - I wouldn’t fancy trying to bate the lanky fucker. He was driven to win, and his stats for finishing games looked unrale.

Let himself go in the end…


This 5 part effort, centered on OJ, but adressing the wider racial inequalities of the time, has gamechanger potential. Premieres tomorrow night in the greatest country on the planet.


I watched the one about the Duke Lacrosse team last weekend. Well worth a watch and another example of how fucked up our justice system is.


Finally watched Elway to Marino … Great show. I watched- Playing for the mob- earlier too, that rat Henry Hill has a starring role. Couldn’t really get into the Daly one, I just detest golf.


Anyone know where I could find a link to a stream of Roll Tide War Eagles ahead of tomorrows Iron Bowl


The OJ 5 parter is excellent.

Tough going in parts but well worth it.