ESPN's 30 for 30


There was plenty at the time, I was home in North America when it happened.


Listen mate, I’ll say it again.

There’s no crying in baseball.



Oh my word …


This will be unreal.


They played the ad during Flair’s one last night, looked fantastic.

The Flair one was incredible.



Just watched the four falls of the Bills,Christ that shit was cruel,Jim Kelly has had it very tough.


One of the best. Incredible they were able to get back there the third and fourth time really.

They’ll be remember much longer than some teams that won championships. A great bunch of lads.


Jim Kelly is a stone cold legend in spite of it all. The bills are on the way back up


The beauty is in the journey


Rick Flair “nature boy” about to start on BT Sports ESPN



Any links guys?


been looking myself. found nothing yet


Should surface by Monday — be a nice watch on a day off basking in Tom’s glory.



@Gman @ChocolateMice Is this good? May well watch it tonight.


I thought it was very good. Great insight behind both careers. Explained a lot of background to some of the transitions both had when moving to new jobs that were never really fully detailed before


Yeah…it’s not as dramatic as other episodes…but it was great watching the transitions and the relationship.