ESPN's 30 for 30


I know what led her to take them. She was shit and couldn’t win, then she took drugs wasn’t shit anymore and was able to win.


can’t argue with that in fairness.

watched the usfl one last night. much better. interesting viewing.


The USFL is a great watch indeed. Trump comes across as a complete clown in it.


agreed. quite the chip on his shoulder it seems



And you call yourself American :angry:


Should Trump be above criticism? :blink:


He is the embodiment of the American Dream, of course he is above criticism


Anyone spot Dwayne the Rock Johnson on the Hurricanes sideline during one of their College bowl finals? I knew he played college ball but had no idea it was for the U?

What a legend.


yeah he was decent enough by all accounts at defensive tackle and won a national title there. he was injured during the season and was replaced by probable hall of famer Warren Sapp. he was in a film a few years back gridiron gang where I heard about it first, did lots of interviews and stuff around that time. he played in the canadian foobtall league after but went on to wrestling instead.


He does, although it’s a pity for Barry Hearn that he didn’t take his advice, the PDC is only small potatoes.

Got through 11 of these so far.

The Escobar one and Once Brothers about Divac and Petrovic are the best I’ve seen. The ones with the real life stories are the best.

June 17, 1994 and Without Bias are also very good.

Straight Outta LA, Into the Wind, Four Days in October and the USFL one - enjoyed all of these.

King’s Ransom is OK but you’d have to have at least some tenuous interest in Ice Hockey. House Of Steinbrenner was crap. 16th man was horribly cliched. They would have been far better off making a documentary about how the All Blacks got poisoned two days before the match.


Just watched this one. Deadly.

25 “Once Brothers”
The story of Croatian Dražen Petrović and Serbian Vlade Divac, NBA players and Yugoslavian national teammates, and how the civil war in their homeland adversely affected their friendship.


That one is tremendous. Divac is definitely an alright sort. There were a lot of parallels between Yugoslavia in basketball and association football in that era. Somebody should make a documentary on the football team, actually it’s already been done but only the French language version is available on Youtube.


yeah thats a great one. tragic really. Mad how when Divac went to see Petrovics mother that people in the street were talking about him and wondering what was he doing on ‘their side’. must be strange to see team mates being split by country divides.


An absolutely storming documentary this one. Shocking sad to see friends torn apart the way these two were, especially given the extremely inoccuous way the splinter began between both of them and then the tragic circumstances of Drazen’s death. Wonderfully well put together, the scenes with Vlade on the streets of Zagreb were a little unsettling, cant have been easy for him, some serious tensions still there towards him.


Heart wrenching stuff in fairness.


Just watched “Once Brothers” on Youtube over the weekend. Great documentary. Divac showed some cojones to go back to Croatia, where it’s obvious that he’s still villified for the flag incident, and as a 7ft tall Serb he does tend to stand out. Petrovic looked to be some player, and given the testimony of his Croatian team mates, it’s possible that his friendship with Divac came under pressure from back home. That Yugoslav team was the main reason the Yanks started sending their NBA players to represent the USA in international competition. They were that good.

It was sad to see how former friends and team mates had been torn apart by ethnic and political tensions. The sight of the Croats leaving the podium with their bronze medals, so they wouldn’t have to listen to the Yugoslav(Serb) anthem was particularly memorable. I thought I could see the pain on Divac’s face as his former colleague walked out on him before his moment of glory was over.

Divac seemed to get his closure by visiting Petrovic’s family, and then his tomb, which was nice because as Sid said above, he seems like an alright sort. Someone who was uncomfortable with the regard people had for him both at home and in Croatia.


Once Brothers…

This is on at 10.30pm ESPN


I was watching Ivanisevic winning Wimbledon in 2001 on ESPN yesterday and he dedicates his win to Petrovic in his on-court interview at the end. It was nice to actually know who the fuck that is this time around.

Speaking of ethnic cleansing, where does mickee321 be these days? I miss him.


[quote=“Thrawneen, post: 516007”]
I was watching Ivanisevic winning Wimbledon in 2001 on ESPN yesterday and he dedicates his win to Petrovic in his on-court interview at the end. It was nice to actually know who the fuck that is this time around.[/quote]
I spent half an hour looking around the shithole that is Port-fucking-Rush looking for somewhere to see this but everywhere was shut. I eventually found a hotel. On the plus side, a young Graeme McDowell was at the bar watching it and offered to buy me a pint after he heard of my troubles. You could tell he was an absolute top man even then.

+1, come back Mickee


Catching hell on now on ESPN America.
All about scapegoats in baseball, but focused on Steve Bartman and the Cubs in 2003.
Very good watch.