ESPN's 30 for 30


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Catching hell on now on ESPN America.
All about scapegoats in baseball, but focused on Steve Bartman and the Cubs in 2003.
Very good watch.


Missed the first half hour of this…Did they interview Bartman himself?


Nothing so far. Fuckin hell he got some abuse.

The first half hour was mostly about Bill Buckner and the 1986 Redsox.

Do you like Howard Sterns buttcheeks?
We’ve been had. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Took some heat alright, the poor bastard!


Catching Hell has just started on ESPN if you missed it over the last day or two.


Fucking hell. Some show.


I really enjoyed it too.

Poor Bartman.


Just finished “The U”

Great watch.


with regards to the U, a massive NFL record ended there a couple of weeks back. a Hurricanes player had scored a touchdown in the NFL for 149 consecutive games. Uni of Pitt is now leading the charge at 13 to get a shot at beating the record.


downlaoding these bad boys a t present, going watch them over the xmas.

Re the record gman, it was some serious going, especially when the next highest is 13…


The U is my favourite of all these


For anyone interested, the entire set in a pretty lil box is available from Amazon for €60


Watching Novak Djokovic win the Aussie Open final there on Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice Vlade Divac as part of his entourage. Payback for Goran’s tribute perhaps.


I mentioned it on the Aust Open thread. Vlade is head of the Serbian Olympic Committee and “just happened” to be in Melbourne on business. Well done Vlade :smiley:


I watched Without Bias there yesterday. Was a bit meh to be honest.

There are some top notch 30 for 30s and some mediocre ones. Give me the uniform excellence of America’s Game any day.


I am downloading ‘Once Brothers’ and 'Straight out of L.A." at the minute. I’m looking forward to watching them.


Once Brothers is fantastic. I really enjoyed that one. I didn’t really get into Straight out of LA, Ice Cube isn’t my cup of tae


Welcome to the forum Tim.


Some of these are great, but some of them are terrible. The terrible ones seem to be aimed at people with next to no attention span. I think ‘Pony Excess’ is the worst of the lot. Rarely does 5 seconds go by before they have to cut to a different talking head, or change the soundtrack. Awful documentary making.


Which ones would you recommend? I’ve only seen the Escobar and Ali ones.