ESPN's 30 for 30


Or see if cluaindiuic will do it for you as a surprise.


Cheers lads. Might see if I can find out whether his dvd can handle region 2 so. I reckon it would be a class present for the typical Irish sportsfan. I’ve seen a couple of the episodes and was really impressed.


They’re brilliantly made shows alright.

How the fuck do you get the chance to watch so much telly, as well as all the sport you watch, working and racking up a fairly incredible amount of posts on here? Do you ever sleep?


Not much no.


In middle of watching ‘Pony Express’. Really is fantastic watch. Thanks to those who recommended it.


Well that’s that surprise ruined you selfish bastard. :frowning:


Pony express was an excellent watch. The Band That Wouldn’t Die was pretty boring I thought.
Mbb did you download the episodes of America’s Game or are they available for streaming on a particular site? Looking to educate myself bit more on american football. Anything else I can watch?


I SKY +'d them on SKY Sports the week of the Superbowl. I found a torrent of them before on Pirates Bay, but not all played on my media player.


Croppy_boy downloaded all of Americas game recently Larry, he should be able to point you in the right direction…

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Thanks mbb and count. Also going to try and watch some of those hard knocks if I can source them.


If you find a torrent for them let me know lar.


This looks like a reasonable torrent for America’s Game but it’s a huge file obviously with 50 episodes or something:


for which mbb?


The Hard Knocks series, but I found a few of them on TPB after.


was watching the espn documentary ‘4th and Goal’. Pretty good insight into the transition from junior college to Div 1 university and potential drafting by NFL. worth watching to see what goes on in the minds of guys trying to make it as a pro. One of the guys father comes across as a real dick, going on about the endorsements his kid will make and how he’ll be like Michael Jordan. And yet the most modest kid ends up being by far the most successful.


Watched The Announcement the other day which is about Magic Johnson becoming HIV Positive and announcing it to the world. Thought it was going to be excellent based on reputation but ended up deciding it was decent but nothing special.


ESPN are doing another 30 or 30 starting in the autumn.

They’re also doing 30 short films as well this time. First one of those is out on (a terrific US sports site for anyone interested in US sports journalism) and below.

Trailer for next season:

Here Now about Pete Rose who was banned from baseball for life in 1989 for gambling and now works in a Vegas mall signing baseball memorabilia. <script src="[autoPlay]=false&thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true]</script>


Unbelievable tune for that trailer. M83 Midnight City. Used to perfection in How to make it in America.


Watching Unguarded.

Chris Herren story.
Fucking heavy.


I got the 2 boxsets of the first 30 for 30 from Amazon recently and am currently working my way through them, Excellent viewing, really enjoyed Guru of Go and Winning Time in particular. Are the new series called 30 for 30 too or something else does anyone know?