ESPN's 30 for 30


Most of these are on YouTube now for anyone who’s interested.


Has the Loughinisland one been broadcast yet


Next Tuesday so will be up on football origin Wednesday I presume.


That was a great operation in fairness. Caught them totally out


How long does the Hillsborough one go on for? Was watching it last night and it cut out around 1 hour 30 minutes in at the part where Duckinfield’s manslaughter trial is mentioned. Was too tired to find another link then.


Almost two hours.


1 hour 46 minutes


It up on youtube


Yeah, it’s regularly being uploaded but they usually get removed for copyright reasons a while later.



Suppose it’s understandably simplistic for an American audience but seemed much too short. No explanation of why people in Down were cheering for the Republic either which would surely have confused some yanks. Must be one of the most unspeakably cuntish acts of the whole period.


Good but disappointingly short.


It’s actually 1 hour 30 mins long. Will be released to cinemas as a documentary film at the beginning of next year.


[QUOTE=“count of monte cristo, post: 859862, member: 348”]The SEC docs are worth a watch, the book of manning is excellent.

Archie Manning is a hero.[/QUOTE]

Just watching this now. Archie is a beautiful human being:clap:


All the soccer ones are now available on US version of Netflix.


ESPN showing at series of documentaries this month. Showing the auburn Alabama rivalry in the early hours tonight. Sky plus job for later


Thats an excellent show. Them guys are very weird about their tree.


I was very much looking forward to watching that and found it a little underwhelming. It’s unique in US sports but doesn’t seem as striking when compared to European rivalries. It’s on youtube anyway I think (or somewhere like that).


I was in Jordan Hare stadium before. It would be like having an 80,000 stadium in a town the size of Cashel. Tickets to see Auburn cost more than many NFL games.


You are being very generous to the yanks there tabby that they would have any idea where Down was. They generally wouldn’t have a notion.
When it comes to knowledge or understanding of Ireland or the troubles by ordinary people (non-irish connected or historians or journalist) virtually nobody I have ever met outside Ireland or GB has any idea of what went on or the make up of the divide.
I thought the yanks were mis-informed until I met Australians who seem to have inherited a 1920’s British view of Ireland. My woman’s aunt said she didn’t go to Ireland on a tour of Europe baca use of the war, in 2003/4.