Euro 2012 Play-Off Draw

Keep all play-off draw talk on here. It is my understanding that:

  • We are seeded with Portugal, Czech Republic and Croatia.
  • We could get Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey or Estonia.
  • Just because we are seeded doesn’e mean we play at home second
  • First leg will be on Friday the 11th or Saturday 12th of November. Return leg will be on Tuesday the 15th of November.

There was talk post match in the 51 of an official tfk trip to Tallinn for the play offs.

Ideally you’d like Ireland to be playing Estonia to really make the trip extra special

It does - UEFA announced nearly two years ago that seeded teams would be at home in tthe second leg.

It does not.just checked the uefa site to double check and draw on thurs to decide home and away order also

Larry, how does the seedings work? Is it based on rankings? I’d be surprised if we were ahead of Turkey.

We could do with some good luck for once and a nice handy one against Estonia would be just what the doctor ordered.

I would possibly go to Estonia if we drew them. The rest of the places would be difficult to get to? Wouldn’t go to Turkey in a million years the Turks are mental at the best of times. No offence Rocko

I think Estonia or Montenegro would be the plum draws. Montenegro are gone to fuck lately.

had great craic there for the flora talinn game

the estonians arent exactly the most industrious of people

Yeah it is Dunph.we were behind Turkey up until tonight but our win took us above them.

Of course we are the best top seed to draw by far

you talking to yourself?

I was until you interrupted


It would be quite the achievement if we could qualify for Euro 2012 as traditionally it is always a tougher tournament to get to than the World Cup and unlike the World Cup you generally get very good teams without the also rans. It would also be ironic as this team is probably the worst Irish team man for man we have had for at least 20 years. Better teams that these lads have failed to qualify for big tournaments, including some of these lads when they were younger and in their prime.

Sarajevo, Podogrica, Talinn - are great away trips surely. Would love to be going to one of those.

Istanbul yeah not so much.

In the multiple highlights of European games I watched at the weekend, Turkey looked ridiculously shit at the back against Germany. Their number 2 at centre half looked to have the composure of Paul McShane.

[quote=“The Dunph, post: 627320”]

It would be quite the achievement if we could qualify for Euro 2012 as traditionally it is always a tougher tournament to get to than the World Cup [/quote]
Eh, surely they are equally tough to qualify for? There’s pretty much the same amount of qualifying spots going.

KIB man, on 12 October 2011 - 00:24, said:

Istanbul yeah not so much.

Cunts would probably bring us to Bursa again.

Poor old Cascarino got in a fight with a load of them dirty turkish cunts that night. Didnt Dean Kiely have a great game in goal out there, I think he did anyway.

Seem to recall Roy Keane’s absence being crucial for that playoff but there was a ridiculous Lee Carsley handball in the first leg that proved decisive

Belgium were another fairly shite team we met and lost to in the playoffs. Think it was Irwin with tfk in the home leg, finished 1-1 anyway in Dublin. Seem to recall we put a brave show away from home with Houghton scoring but Connolly came on and got sent off which kind of killed us. Though for one of those Belgian goals, there were some disgraceful refereeing decisions. Think it was former Villa player Luc Nilis with the winner for them.

Can’t remember much about the away leg in Turkey, but then I doubt many do as it wasn’t on the TV. Remember Dunphy going on a classic rant the night before it about Bertie Ahern ringing up the Turkish Prime Minister to try and persuade them to let RTE show it. “Their Prime Minister is going to pick up the phone and find Bertie Ahern on the other end., “What do you want, Mr. Irish Prime Minister? Have you rung to give us some aid towards rebuilding the hundreds of thousands of homes that were destroyed in the recent earthquake in which 40,000 people died?” “Eh, no boss. We want de match on the telly.” It’s a bloody insult to their nation.”

We were missing Keane, Irwin, Quinn and Staunton for the away leg in Belgium. We would have qualified with them.

This was on the night of my 17th birthday.

I was :pint: :pint: :pint:
I have no recollection of the match.

Anyone care to estimate flight cost for various options?

Can somebody with a bit of time on their hands please put up the best way of getting to Tallinn, Sarajevo and Pogdorica (sp ??) from Dublin.

Presume Ryanair / Aer Lingus don’t go direct to these places.

I ain’t going to Turkey.