Euro 2012 - The Draw

I expect the draw to get under way shortly after 5.30. While there is no such thing as a dream draw some draws are better than others. Ray Houghton will be providing analysis on Montrose. Brian Kerr and Phil Babb are working for Sky.

George Hamilton will be back on Lyric FM in the morning so will he be working his magic on commentary for the draw?

Saw his tweet earlier on, surely a good omen for this afternoon :clap:

Kerr and Babb on SSN now discussing the draw :clap:

That’s absolutely fucking fantastic news. I’ve said it before but my dad used to know him from his work and he says he’s a complete gent. He’s quite possibly one of my favourite things ever, and I include people, objects, places, anything in that.

Larry please post up a link to this for those of us who do not have access to either RTE or SSN.

Aunty Two are showing coverage from the arena presently. Gary Lineker is on duty today.

Some charisma shown on the stage there from the lads. Now we’re getting a history od the football. Captivating stuff.

Audio link on this page chewy for drivetime. At 5.35 they will be going to the drive. RTE only have live visual stream for those inside the 26 counties.

I have aunty here, larry. Thanks for the heads up

Balbec what age is this bird? Fierce tidy but looks to have a few years on her. MBB approves.

Netherlands group B, Spain Group C

Czech Republic get group A

early 30’s I’d say.lovely cheekbones

Group A predictably looking to be the one with Czechs in there now.

Denmark Group B

As predicted get group C :clap: :pint: :ireland:



Bring on the Spanish wanks.

Bring on those Spanish coonts :guns: