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[quote=“chewy louie, post: 684851”]UEFA is set to insist that Euro 2020 venues must be served by an airport with at least two terminals.
With 13 cities set to host the matches European governing body is anxious to ensure that air travel will not be an issue.
One of the criteria laid down by planners is that each host city must have two airports or at a minimum two terminals so the two sets of fans can be kept apart.
That is likely to be something of a headache for Cardiff - its airport has a single terminal, and the Welsh FA would have to argue that Bristol or even airports further afield could be used as an alternative for fans.
Dublin is expected to bid to host group matches at Euro 2020, which for the first time is to be held across Europe.
The English FA is to bid to host the semi-finals and final at Wembley, or group matches and quarter-finals if that is unsuccessful.
Rival bids for the final are expected from Istanbul - the favourite if it is unsuccessful in its 2020 Olympic bid - plus Madrid, Berlin and Rome.
Two cities with smaller-capacity stadiums will be among the 13 chosen as Euro 2020 hosts in an effort to broaden the reach of the tournament.
Officials drawing up plans for the tournament have said that two host cities can have a stadium capacity as low as 30,000, that 10 stadiums will have a 50,000 minimum capacity and four of those hosting the quarter-finals to have grounds of at least 60,000.
The stadium that hosts the two semi-finals and final will have to be able to seat more than 70,000 fans.
UEFA’s executive committee is expected to agree to the plans at its meeting on 28 March.
The idea in having two 30,000-seater stadiums means smaller countries will be able to enter the bidding - only 21 of the 53 UEFA member nations have stadiums of 50,000 or more.
Tournament planners believe that host countries will be able to play at least two of their group matches at home.
UEFA will also to try to arrange groups on a geographical basis to avoid long journeys across Europe for fans. [/quote]
Terminal 2 will actually do some good

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19 bids have been received for this with 13 to be picked. Wembley will likely get the final and the semis I think. The only problem for Dublin is that Glasgow and Cardiff are also bidding but I think John Delaney’s influence will swing it.

Germany (Munich)
England (London)

Standard (three group matches and one last 16/quarter-final match):
Ireland (Dublin)
Scotland (Edinburgh)
Wales (Cardiff)
Denmark (Copenhagen)
Sweden (Stockholm)
Spain (Bilbao)
Belgium (Brussels)
Holland (Amsterdam)
Italy (Rome)
Hungary (Budapest)
Romania (Bucharest)
Bulgaria (Sofia)
Macedonia (Skopje)
Belarus (Minsk)
Russia (St. Petersburg)
Israel (Jerusalem)
Azerbaijan (Baku)

Presume the likes of Baku, Jerusalem and St Peterburg will lose out as it would add to the travelling and the fact that Russia has the 2018 World Cup as well with Belarus getting the eastern Europe nod

I would imagine that the three group games in a city would be involving teams from the same group from a logistical perspective?

Quite possibly. So you would think it would be a case of 2 out of three from Scotland, Wales and Ireland with those two venues used to host a group between them. Denmark, Sweden and Belarus and probably in the same boat and so on

The Russians have a cheek to be bidding alright and hopefully they’ll lose out.

I’d see the groups lining up something like as follows in terms of venues:






Disappointed that Prague and Sarajevo haven’t bid as I think they would have made good host cities and those countries probably won’t be able to bid again.

It would make the most sense or else you could see the arse fall through away support for the group phase. Maybe UEFA’s idea is to have the stadium 70% of locals but I think in the case of some cities with big football teams, the prospect of a group stage tie doesn’t really capture the imagination.

I think I read on the excellent SkyscraperCity forum that the stadium proposed for Minsk will only have a capacity of 33,000. If so, I think that’ll count against them.

Seems perfectly understandable :thinking:

The Czechs are my dark horses for Euro 2020, seem to have a new wave of stars coming through at present.

Schick, Jankto and now Barak have all made a big impression in Serie A in the past 14/15 months. Schick has already got his big move and the other two will probably get one by the end of the year.

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Coverage of the draw now on RTE 2

What time will the actual draw take place, chaps?

Believe most of the UEFA VIPs were staying in the Shelbourne.

11am John Delaney time

11.22 the first ball will be drawn if you want to skip the fluff

Victor Baia hasnt aged a day

Bang on time

Ronnie really could have done a better job on his nails

Ronnie is definitely going to screw us over with a difficult draw here.

And then moan about it after.

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Hopefully Iceland out of pot 2

Group C - already been referred to as group of death I imagine

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