Europe 100 years on

A lot can change in 100 years, what will it look like in 2114 or even 2064. Will the gravitation towards more and more smaller states continue or will we see a superpower emerge from somewhere?

So long as we get the 6 counties back, who gves a fuck?

No thanks mate we could do without those benefit leeches.

With the way things are now aren’t states on their own seen as irrelevant anyway? The EU are calling the shots all across the board. I don’t think we will see the same change in the last 100 years for the next 100 as it seems (for the moment at least) that countries are all upon the same wave length. One possibility for change though is if there is an all out world war between regions. Regional agreements such as nafta, Arab States and ASEAN could easily come into conflict with one another and make shite of everything.

That would’ve been a really good European Championship.

Who’d be the fav’s if those were the teams now? The Austria, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia combo would be hard bet.

They would certainly be the easiest on the eye and the most stylish team to watch. Would you fancy going up against the steely determination and the brute physicality of the German-Polish powerhouse though? Any money going on the British & Irish dark horses from the west with their stiff upper lip doughtiness and unquestionable team spirit? Can you imagine the singing from their fans?

Sadly neither Ireland, Scotland or Wales would contribute much to the England team as it stands. Bale & Coleman would add something, but there isn’t too many others who’d be anything other than marginal.

I’m pretty sure the current German National team is a Polish-German Combo already.

The Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia etc. would have some pick, but it would be similar to that of the USSR and they never got over the line.

An 8 team euros would have been of the highest quality with those combo’s.

I reckong the Turkish / Greek combo would be well in there.

If Italy had a good bust up a couple if months before it they’d still be the most united. You couldn’t get that USSR or Central/South European team to get along now (even if Yugoslavia did a good job of it for a long time).

Germania and Italy favs.

I have it on good authority that were Europe to return to the 1914 state map, Martin O’Neill would apply for the management of the Brit plus Ireland combo. I even heard he dropped in a cv in case this happens.