Evening Farmer

Thanks for keeping me company - it was lonely on here for a while.

About to head now though Rock

Up Fianna Fil - just hearing all the smaller parties giving out about the fact that the larger parties put ‘the squeeze on’ the smaller parties. Does anyone buy that?

It’s what happened - I don’t think they’re alleging it was a deliberate policy to keep the majority of things for FF and FG but FF’s efforts to create a presidential campaign did hurt the smaller parties. That’s life though and the smaller parties need to find ways of getting their messages out there.

What FF and FD did very well was they abused Labour and PD and made them have dogfights and seem extremem while they carefully stood back in the middle and let Rabbitte and McDowell tear into eachother. Result was big disappointments for PDs and Labour and comfortable gains for FF and FG. They “put the squeeze” on their coalition partners fairly deliberately I’d have thought.

I’m off now

Night Rock

Night. No aunty jokes from me. I’m resisting. Sleep well though.