I was watching a new 2 part drama on the ABC last nivght about the birth of a wimmins magazine here in 1974, it was very good, significant in that it was an important time in Australian society.

But as I was watching I noticed an extra in the background as a bloke I know from Dublin. “Holy shit” I says to Mrs Fitzy, “There’s such and such from Dublin”.

Which makes me ask, have any of you ever appeared as an extra or better in a film or TV series? Another mate of mine does it quite regularly, she’s been in all sorts of stuff.

A neighbour of mine has been an extra in a few films, Michael Collins being one of them. Another lad from Tour has been in one or two films too, in one of the films he had to dance.

I was an extra in a scene in Ordinary Decent Criminal, shared the screen with Kevin Spacey. An alright sort was Kevin, if not that bit fruity.

my sister in law played one of martin cahills daughters in the general

Croppy had the extreme pleasure of being an extra in the goddawful movie Speed Dating

There ended his acting career however.

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I did tell you to get a drink with them.

I once appeared in a youtube video riding bitch on a CBR 250.

I’ve appeared on The Late Late Show AND the much-missed Open House.

Thinking of going for this also…


Christ I remember that. You’re head was fair wedged into the helmet SS**

You got a lot of abuse in the comments section B)

You looked like a bear on a minimoto SS*

il fight ya for it thraw…theres my dream job right there…

Jugs and I appeared as background extras in the RTE pitchside joint interview with John Conran and Donal O’Grady after the drawn Wexford-Cork All Ireland Hurling Semi-Final in 2003. We both played the part of bucklepping boggers that roar at the camera and disrupt the interview.

I imagine that came quite naturally to Jugs.

Can anyone look this up on youtube I wonder?

It could be up there. All I recall was us nudging each other aggressively and letting out random roars at nobody in particular.

The brother had a party at a house he lived in in Sandymount (the brother, not Spacey) at the time and Spacey turned up at it. Not quite sure how that came about, everyone seems to have been too drunk to recall, however all and sundry said he was a thoroughly nice bloke and brought his own booze. He left early without having copped off with anyone.