F.A. Cup- 4th Round draw


Absolutely. The magic of the FA Cup. Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City the only two clubs still chasing the quadruple of European Cup, League, FA Cup and League Cup.


That was a very dull draw. Nothing to whet the appetite there.


Savage going in fairness.


Holding is an injured Centre Half.


I’d say they’ll both go for it. Nothing else to be at


Arsenal tbf always take the Cup seriously.


You don’t half give it big licks for a toon fan to be fair to you.

Ye are so fucked up ye failed at throwing a game to help in the relegation battle.

This job will be the end of poor Rafa




Swansea City vs Gillingham

AFC Wimbledon vs West Ham

Shrewsbury or Stoke vs Wolves

Millwall vs Everton

Brighton vs West Brom

Bristol City vs Bolton

Accrington vs Derby or Southampton

Doncaster Rovers vs Oldham

Chelsea vs Sheffield Weds or Luton

Newcastle or Blackburn vs Watford

Middlesbrough vs Newport

Man City vs Burnley

Barnet vs Brentford

Portsmouth vs QPR

Arsenal vs Man Utd

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham


I can’t. I don’t know what motivates you


Strange comment. Where do I give it "big licks"and what has that got to do with the team I support?


At least 3 premier league teams will be knocked out next round.

A minimum of 6 non premier league guaranteed to be in 5th round. The greatest domestic cup competition in the World


The French Cup is better. Marseille got beat 2-0 by a 4th division amateur team yesterday with basically their strongest 11 out


You just claimed Utd and arsenal will play full teams because they’ve fuck all else to be worried about. Fairly big licks from a guy who supports a team who tried to throw a game because they’re in a relegation battle.


The difference being nobody gives a flying fuck about the French cup.


Man Utd and Arsenal don’t have much else to worry about, Newcastle do. I don’t see your point


Teams in France care more about the French Cup than teams in England care about the English Cup


Have you a measurement or index for that?


Most teams put out a strong team in the French Cup


When you say Marseille basically had their strongest team out, what does basically quantify?