FA Cup 6th Round

Chelsea, more specifically Drogba, are interested here, Coventry could be in bother.

WHAT a goal by Carlos Vela. Absolutely gorgeous.

Don’t have Setanta 1 but Ian Holloway on SSN described Vela as “cool as a sucumber…out of a fridge”.

Having the semi finals at Wembley is shite IMO. It’s going to be a heavyweight semi final lineup though.

A delicious volley from Eduardo too. Ridiculously cheeky.

Seriously, get your lookers on that Eduardo goal. From the Guardian:

“This is an outrageous finish from Eduardo. Song chipped an angled cross from left to right to find Eduardo, who had timed his run in behind the defence perfectly, and with his first touch he cut across a beautiful volley with the outside of his left foot that sent the ball fizzing into the far corner. At first look it appeared he might have sliced it (like Giggs at Fulham in 2006-07, if you remember that goal), but replays showed the most wonderful technique: he deliberately stunned it with the outside of his left foot to send it across Jensen and high into the net. I’ve never seen a goal quite like that before. It was even better than Vela’s.”

Gonna need a link to that…

Arsenal sounded good alright, I believe the 3rd goal from Eboue was a cracker as well. They have some players coming back from injury at a nice time, they should easily make 4th in the league and see what they can do in Europe if they can knock out Roma and get a decent draw.

Arsenal were playing a 5th Round tie. Lets not forget that.

That confused me a bit I have to say, did they have a match postponed cause of weather or something?

Arsenal’s fourth round replay was initially postponed so they played that game on fifth round weekend and are still a game behind.

Class goal by Eduardo and Vela’s was excellent too.

United Everton semi final. Happy enough with that I have to say.

What was the rest of the draw, Shan?

That’ll do nicely, be a good semi the other side if the Arse get past Hull

Work it out yourself. :smiley:

Semi-final draw is:

Arsenal/Hull v Chelsea
Everton v Man Utd

Certainly looks like it’s going to be an interesting conclusion to the competition. Arsenal should get past Hull anyway, so should be a decent semi-final between them and Chelsea as neither has much else to play for domestically, also they’ll also be eager to wreck Utd’s bid for a clean sweep.

I go for Arsenal to win it (in addition to finishing 3rd and winning the Champions League).

Feck it - wanted United to get Arsenal or Chelsea so that they would have the tougher draw.

They should take Everton.


Should have known United would get Everton, can’t really complain though as Chelsea hadn’t got a Premiership team before now. Essien coming back will hopefully make more of an impact than Fabregas coming back. Should be a cracker anyway.

Everton are no pushovers for United. The semi final is in 5 weeks so a lot can change in the meantime for United. If Everton win the Cup they will have certainly earned it. Beating 3 of the top 4.

Everton will certainly put it up to United but the large Wembley pitch will suit United down to the ground IMO, certainly a lot more than it will suit Everton.