Faces You'd Love to Smack


Here, you’re dealing with @Ashman here. One of the thickest cunts to ever post on the INTERNET.


I love it when you come back from the pub sideways and log in and abuse fellas. It’s a lovely little tradition you have.




I’m lashing out because I’ve watched four episodes of Narcos Season 2 and I’m completely sober.

You cunt.



You’re an alright sort kid…for a soft fella with a massive forehead.

Wear a hat at the weekends…and you’ll be grand.


Bucko . Let me tell you a little something . I am my own man and am not TMI .If you are going to think I am a cunt let it be on my cuntishess rather than that of a tribute act .


Good post. Otherwise this thread would have to be merged with the COTY thread.



would you ever stop you fucking woman


Inspired as I was by @ironmoth I got up early and sought out my favourite blackberry bushes. I picked some beautiful late season blackberries. The skins are thicker now. They are a little more rubbery. I then proceeded to Lidl where I purchased a bottle of Dun Dalgan whiskey. Then I started my blackberry whiskey. It’ll be in the press now for six months.


Ah, that’s a lovely story. I’ve given it a like.


Hard not to.


Avatars being hacked, is it the Russians @Sidney?


What’s this now, pal?


There’s a cyber attack underway pal, take cover.


Oh, the one on “top INTERNET sites”?

We haven’t been attacked, as far as I know.

Actually, come to think of it, wasn’t the forum down for a period this/last week?


It was most likely a practice run for the real deal that happened Friday in the US.
Julian Assange has asked his supporters to stop, probably fearing a drone strike.


Knightsbridge should be safe enough, I’d say.


Seemingly. That said @Fagan_ODowd may have missed a calling in life. He has a great way with words, a Waterford version of John McGahern as he espies colourings/goodness/produce in every bush. (Coughs)

I’d say theres’ a book in Fagan.


Bandage was.