Faces You'd Love to Smack


Those guns :heart_eyes:



You are completely obsessed with Dermo. I’d be worried if I was him.


Nah, man.


Rumor has it he’s gay.


Its all right. I’m sure she knows Prince Harry well enough to give him a call when there’s a minor or full service due




Rumor also has it he’s a bit of a crook who hasn’t actually got much (if any) money.




No your man that married poppa Middleton.


Ah right. I did wonder.


I don’t think Rochford looks smug at all.

I think he looks petrified every time he is brought in front of the camera.


Drinking last years effort now. Jaysus it’s savage



For the weekend that’s in it. Well on mature reflection - always.


Ah, lovely hurling. The only word for a dram of that stuff is “savage”. I must admit to being a bit surprised that you’re supping it at this time of the year. I always liked it in the colder months. It’s the sort of tipple you’d offer to your favourite neighbour when he comes visiting in November or December. Do you mind me asking, was there a special occasion or was the bottle just roaring at you from the drinks cabinet?


It was calling me. I wouldn’t resist.


Cllr Barry Ward, Fine Gael.



Well yel’ll get yere chance Sunday


I think Joe will get a lot more chances Sunday and will take most .