Faces You'd Love to Smack


Sacked by Sky after being found guilty of assaulting his partner.

He maintains his innocence.


Was it violence or banter?







Harry greyjoy


Ole Gunnar dolequeue




Ungrateful cunt. Didn’t he give you an extra €5 a week in your dole.



That’s a meal deal. 3 faces to smack.

Also 3 contenders for ‘people who look slow’ thread.


Moran and McGregor are ok.


Is that Luis Suarez in the middle?


Thats Garda Emlyn Mulligan bro. He does have the bang of Luiz though.

Is that McHugh on the right?



Emlyn would be a known fan of the sunbeds hence the permanent tan.


Great footballer but a prize cunt.


Agree with the second bit but wouldn’t go with ‘great’ for the first bit.

Declan Maxwell is our best footballer since the 1994 team.


Maxwell was class alright.We’ve a great bunch a young lads coming through at the minute if they get the right trainin we’ll be well on our way.


Mulligan wouldn’t lace his boots. And by all accounts Declan is completely unassuming. A cripple now - probably to do with him playing for last 15 minutes against Mayo in 2006 six weeks after an ACL operation.