Faces You'd Love to Smack


Ah here…John McKeon was miles ahead of Declan Maxwell for football ability.


With a tendency for absolute howlers such as Roscommon in Pairc Sean in 2003 qualifier and also in more recent years in the Hyde where Shine goaled.


My point stands - McKeon was way better footballer than Maxwell in any man’s book. More dependable, better vision, less one-dimensional and a fuck-load of more skills .

Declan Maxwell was the poor man’s Donaghy - lorry it up to him in the sky. Granted he’d rarely fail…never, never for lack of effort or passion, but that only gets you so much…

Climb down from the high moral ground and quit nitpicking for once…oops.



Completely disagree.





We could never handle that prick Farmer. Used to lord midfield time and time again.


I wouldn’t say that.

Christy Carroll cleaned him out in 2003 anyway from memory. In recent years your man Michael Finneran did more damage and like O’Neill was very limited.


The auld drink got the better of that lad


Paddy Andrews


20 years too late. That said, he was a big awkward mullocker who never stirred his hole until someone gave him a sly skelp. In fairness he never sought immediate retribution, the oul’ belt seemed to focus the hoor and after that he’d do untold.


He could have been a great @Boxtyeater.Too fond a the drink.BTW I was at a county final today the local team won.Whoop de doo.You only have one team.It’s true you don’t choose your team.


Seamie Neill from Kilbride = a potential great…Fucks sake. A big immobile donkey. Lay off the starters of soup and nostalgia. A big slow hape…