Faces You'd Love to Smack


Oh yes!





Is that two lookalikes-thread pictures?


Isn’t Stringer one of the good guys?


Completely harmless fella


Why does @Fagan_ODowd want to punch him in the head??




Hes a grumpy bollox??


Look at the head on the cunt


He was in the news this week openly slagging his cousin



That must be it, he’s some bollix for openly slagging his cousin :rage:


It’s not normal for sports stars to bitch about their cousins in the media mate.its bizarre, he has broken the circle of trust which is the glue that holds families together


It’s the lowest of the low mate, his own fucking cousin??? It’s scarcely believable, but what isn’t unbelievable is the silence of the rugby lads on TFK about this matter, I’m tempted to only give it a few hours before calling them out individually on it and replying with sweep sweep no matter what they say.

His own cousin :rage:


Who’s his cousin?


Peter was actually making a stand against the use of HGH in young kids. No surprise the soccer fans and Messi lemmings are outraged.

Its disgusting how this has been spun


A kid who was force fed HGH as a child to make him grow


I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure hgh can be and is appropriately prescribed where it’s lacking.


That doesnt make it right. I didnt have you down as an apologist for big pharma