Fagan talks about Jam


I thought this thread was Bandage selling Homemade Strawberry Jam


First jam of the season made there. A small batch of red currant jam made with fruit grown on an abundant bush in the back garden.

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Do you want money for it, pal?

I thought abundant bushes went out with river dance.

Making apple jelly here. Six pounds of apples



That looks delicious

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Can you make some cider next time maybe?

Diabetes in a jar.

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I don’t know how you do it.

There’s some amount of work and apples involved in making cider.

Nobody eats apples anymore unless you can get high off them

God be with the days when the highlight of any child’s late summer was skulling an orchard.

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First jam of 2020. Two pounds of raspberry jam.


looks nate

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How’s our champagne coming along Fagan?

Six litres bottled in the shed and maturing nicely.

I can’t wait

Will be going again soon. It’ll be Single Garden Origin Raspberry jam.