FAI- idiots

Apparantely for the upcoming Airtricity league X1 v Man Utd none of the LOI players will be insured, leaving the clubs liable should anything happen to their players. Bohs, in particular, are thinking of pulling their players out of the game. Also the players are due a few quid each to play in this game, but the FAI have told them they’ll give them 4 tickets each instead and make a donation of 10k to some kids summer camp or something. So they’re getting tickets that the FAI can’t sell and who’s gonna believe the FAI will donate 10k to anyone?

I heard tickets for this game are over €60. Bit saucy compared to the Juve game the other night.

Its the kind of thing you would expect from Delaney and his cronies. I shall be attending the match on Wednesday and it looks like Im one of the few who actually purchased tickets. http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif United are sending over Rooney so this may shift a few tickets.

I was wondering who would want to go to this other than kids who probably can’t go to Manchester to see Man U. What’s the appeal?

Hope Bohs pull their players out. It’s nonsense and not worth risking injury or dsrupting preparations for a real match for.

Who gives a fucking shit

The appeal to see the new stadium. I dont go to Ireland matches so may as well see it in person while United are going to be playing there. Ill be going over for the first game of the league as well so its a chance to see how the squad is shaping up for the new season.

There are over 30k fuckwits going to watch an u/21 combined provence rugby match there tomorrow.
Fuckin tools.

Well Julio, how did your trip to the Avviva go?

Super day had by all.

you absolute fucktard

I got free tickets and had nothing else to do. I didn’t even watch the second half was in the bar.
Mixed impression of the Aviva i must say.

Did it not blow you away?

Its very nice but I wouldn’t be overly gone on it.

The whole one shit end thing takes away from it. The tunnels and entrances and exits are very narrow. There was fuck all there today and there was still a bit of congestion.
All the lower tiers get wet when its raining even back a good bit because the roof kinda slopes up instead of out.
There is nowhere to have a smoke either and if you leave your not allowed back in.

So you’re saying there was nearly another Hillsborough there? Outrageous

is there anything to be said for sticking in the Astro team for this thing?

Its an awful shame they didnt make a proper job of it. I suppose with planning and costs in the area and all the Bertie Bowl would have probably resulted in a better stadium.

anyone watch the rugby shite they had on there saturday? I tuned in expecting to be some sort of fanfare for the official opening of the new stadium. all I got was Bill O herlihy who hasnt a clue about anything, and general consensus was that there was issues with the stadium already. seeing the goalposts is already an issue at the short stand end. oh and it was some shit game. some good players on the leinster ulster side, but it was embarrassing really.

Apparently if you sit up the top your view is partly obstructed by the roof.

Also there is not enough room in the open areas-a lot of crowd congestion there and the place was only half full!!

Fire alarms went off about 10 times too-all caused by the chips cooking :lol:

I’d expect a few teething issues, such as smoke alarms etc.

The narrow tunnels and obstructed view are structural issues though which is worrying. The rain seemed to get all the lower tier which was a disaster.

The lack of a smoking area was my biggest gripe though.

that should only affect rogbee so it isnt an issue