Famous Sports Stars from your area

any famous sport stars in your area - as its christmas ill be generous & allow rugby & golf

no gga enthusiasts though

as is the general rule with sport- richer countries do better than poorer ones & my affluent area falls into that rule

SPL superstar Conor Sammon
EPL player Stephen Ward is from a small hamlet near Malahide

Pips Walton

Ollie Campbell

Chico Gonzalez

You’d know all these lads im assuming??

Jamie Heaslip

chico & conor- very friendly with- in fact we are bessiers
ward- from a lower demographic so no
campbell- wouldnt recognise him
pips- would share a pint with him but he whines too much

the great Eddie Keher

Horse Racing
Tom Doyle

Micky"flash"Dwyer,he was on Sky once throwing darts in the 1st round of the PDC

Michael Reddy,his parents owned a shop in the village for a good number of Years whilst he was lighting up the EPL.

Fair play to Sammon he scored against Celtic last night.

Walton has to be a ballbag of the highest order,looking for an apology from Brian Cowen was a pathetic act,hes a self important cunt id imagine.

eddie keher- sounds like some cunt thats in care- not allowed
tom doyle- nah- sounds like a retard - not allowed
flash- ill give you him
reddy-nah- he is a reject not a sport star


Soccer - Kevin Doyle, Gary Dempsey

Horse Racing - Aidan O’Brien, Jim Bolger, Paul Nolan, John Cullen, Daryl Jacob, Tom O’Brien

Athletics - Brona Furlong

Porn - Greg Jacob

thanks for the update on sammons progress

ill give you gary dempsey- no to the rest of them

ncc seems to have fallen out with the wife again. Down the living room now with the laptop and watching Emanuelle IV, the one in space :lol:


Can I take it thsat your adjudicating on this thread Cocktake?,fair play to you I say,any thread where people are nominating folk they view to be famous requires adjudication,you’ve stepped up to the mark in this regard,thats to be commended,i cant do everything around here,im worn out for fuck sake.

Whilst im dissapointed that you’ve rejected greats such as Eddie Keher,Tom Doyle and to a far lesser extent Reddy from my list im happy that Micky"Flash" Dwyer who appeared on Sky once throwing darts has passed mustard,I accept your ruling on these matters.


John Power - Kilkenny hurling legend/madman
Eileen O’Keefe - Hammer throwing Olympian
Red Rum - Horse (deceased)

a stick hurler, a bird & a horse- FFS

My thoughts exactly,thats a pathetic fucking list Piles,Power couldnt hit the ball out of his way.

can you have a few words with your cousin over christmas- he needs to up his game in 2011

Gold Cup winner Imperial Commander spent his formative years in a field beside my house.

Bruff United Buster A3 525 Champion - George Bunratty


Your adjudication is harsh tase, especially given that said horse is more famous than half of your own list, but fair enough. This is your show.