Famous Sports Stars from your area

Chris Hughton

Chris Hughton???,hes a tan,are you a tan??,this lad wouldnt qualify if i was in charge,TASE will deal with this farce accordingly id imagine.

Chris Hughton???,hes a tan,are you a tan??,

not allowed- not under my watch


You’ve really put the cat amongst the pigeons here

Failed soccer manager - Kevin Blackwell

I’ll let ye in on a little known secret, Hughton was not born in England.

he was born in the same field as imperial call :o


Marcus Horan
Keith Wood
Anthony Foley
Damien Varley(although he is more of a blow in)
Martin Cahill

The rest would be Gaa so don’t count

From sunny Krakow…Robert Kubica F1 driver, Agnieszka Radwanska top 10 ranked Tennis professional, Robert Korzeniowski 4 time Olympic gold medal winner for walking.

Horse Racing - Eoin Doyle
Football - Mylo Corcoran
Hurling - too many to start
Cycling - Sean Kelly

You’ve left a famous boxer off your list TASE…


Too many to mention mate. Surfing world champions and Aussie sport hall of famers are the kind of company I keep these days. Hope you don’t mind.

a hall of farmers?

Nomads can be like that


Fran,yer bullshitting us here my man and bullshitting us on a couple of fronts at that,Eoin Doyle and Milo Corcoran(whos a LOI nobody) are from Mooncoin,Sean Kelly is from Carrick On Suir,Mothel just outside it to be exact,Carrick is around 10 miles from Mooncoin so take the fucker off yer list.

Also,hurling-too many to start :smiley: :smiley: ,come off it for fuck sake most of the “famous” hurlers from Mooncoin are living in the local cemetaries,the last Mooncoin man to win an All Ireland hurling medal on the field of play was Tom Murphy almost 20 Years ago,please dont come back to me by saying i listed Eddie Keher blah blah,Keher is a proper hurling legend,if yer thinking Claus Dunne,dont.

Yer impressing no one with this oul carry on :rolleyes:,pretending to be a neighbour of Sean kellys for the sake making yer list look better is pathetic stuff.

thanks for fleshing out my “wtf”

Fair enough link :unsure:

Rodney Goggins - Snooker. :clap:

A disgusting lack of chat about Rodney’s recent 147 break in the World Amateur Championships on here. :mad:

That’s nothing. I hit a 155 once.

Fair eneogh me bolix,you’ve been badly exposed here,badly exposed.