FAO all AFR Exiles/New Members

How many points did you get in the leaving?

Additional information for all new members, Rocko reads all our PMs so keep that in mind.

  1. How about yourself?

What is your favourite type of soup?

My favourite type of soup is mushroom, My favourite dinner is seafood linguine, I have a more then decent well paying job, I dont like FF, Im so so on FG and Labour, I think all rugby heads are gaylords, I will watch any sport bar rugby but im first and foremost a GAA man. Now tell me please how the fuck do I get rid of that Jamie Redknapp that is appearing on my profile???

That reflects your post count. You need to work your way up to Ted Walsh mate, then you’ll be told how to change it to whatever you want. Along the way it will change to Cyril Farrell, Eamon Dunphy, and Danny Foley among others.

If the ghost of Wolfe Tone jumped on your back, how would you handle the situation?

The anti rugby comment was a well executed move… Welcome aboard, mate.

Cheers boy. Given that I don’t believe in ghosts if the ghost of Wolfe Tone jumped on my back I would probably handle the situation badly, Id probably shit my pants or collapse of a heart attack.

The standard options are:

  1. Let him ride you
  2. Pull him off

But shur he is a ghost, how could he ride you or how could you pull him off?

He could use an implement of some sort.

Wow AFR gone. The only constant in life is change. Good memories, time to move on.

How easy is it to get banned here?

Id pull off his implement so, but I wouldn’t be happy about it :angry:

It’s back.

Only one person has ever been banned, although he was banned several hundred times.

Who was this.

Big John, Big Bad John


It’s near impossible, I tried for two years and just gave up and started posting about my meals in the ravenous thread like everyone else.

Is someone going to outline the couple of names that cannot be uttered before some innocent fucks it up big time?