FAO BenDwyer

Explain yourself

:unsure: Yes Runt…How may i be of assistance to you,in other words what the fuck do you need explaining?

What’s your problem with my good buddy The Dunph?
You seem to be constantly taking pops at him. We dont like that sort of negativity on this site. It ruins the positives energy running through here.

We had a shower of bastards try to run the Dunph off here before but we crushed them.
Do you want to get crushed?


First off Runt,if im going to be crushed as you put it,Its not by some lacky like yourself.

If i wanted to have a pop at your buddy,i could simply ask for an audit of his profit figures given on his tips.

i will leave it at that for now but any newcomer on here should note All is not quite what it seems. Rem Neil Blatchley :wink:

I actually never heard of Neil Blatchley, but just a quick google there. Good story!

Calling The Runt a lackey?! :o Someone ban this mong.

It’s ok MBB.
Things are in process.

Meanwhile here’s the story mentioned above:

Neil Blatchly a.k.a Blatch is a popular and well known UK Poker Player and very popular on the Blonde forum and is known as a high limit sports trader on Betfair

  • Blatch asks for staking for a pre-game football trading system
  • Starts off small, apparently runs good, makes monies for investors
  • Bigger investors get interested, funds get bigger, fund around 80k.
  • Blatch holidays in Miami, boasts of buying house etc
  • Fund going well, but Blatch asks for staking for WSOP event and Vegas cashgames
  • Arbboy starts thread asking why Blatch missed out trading the biggest game of the world cup in betting terms, Korea - Greece
  • Blatch says was out, missed it, money tied up in England game.
  • Arbboy makes good argument about how poorly scheme is run for such money, asks to see proof of P+L.
  • Blatch doesn’t respond
  • Investors become worried and look for reassurances behind scenes.
  • Blatch comes clean and says he lost it all six months ago, and had been paper trading since while trying to chase with new investment. Says he lost it all on on Liverpool - Stoke game when he slept in and missed trading out. Says will repay all investors through working.
  • WSOP staking was also used to chase back the lost funds.
  • Investors get send spreadsheet from Betfair account.
  • People question certain bets on account, where he backed 1.01s in low-liquidity markets that had no chance of winning. Clear sign of account dumping.
  • Looks to be clear fraud from the beginning.
  • No trading at all really, just clueless gambling and using the funds to fund his life.
  • Police now involved.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hi Ben whats your story Kid.

I wouldn’t worry about BenDwyer. In truth he hasn’t been picked up on my radar yet. What’s more pleasing is mr ryan and Hockey have ran back to letslose like two scalded rats…

This clown is laying down who can, and can not post, in the beat the bookies section.

That place is out of control…

I post where I like. Some cock sucking no mark like him won’t tell me what I’ll do.