FAO Fagan O'Dowd(the Night Prowler)


Ah that's a bit strong. Bit of an eejit I'd say, that's all.


No, i wouldn't think its strong enough tbh.


If you say that again I'll burst your fucking head open pal.


As I'm new around here I'll bow to your judgment.




[quote name='Fagan O'Dowd' date='22 August 2010 - 12:52' timestamp='1282477971' post='390466']
As I'm new around here I'll bow to your judgment.

Kev is a bit of leper around here, I wouldn't bother listening to him.


Flano, your a retard.

I'm nearly in Dublin, be in O' Neills in about 25 minutes, call in, have a shot.

I'm wearing a very plain red polo shirt.


Sorry Flano this is my thread so if it's all the same to you I'd prefer that you didn't take it off on a tangent with this empty headed nonsense.


You're the retard bro. Who the fuck calls people out for a fight over the internet. You can't take a bit of banter and then get aggressive. Shameful.


[quote="Fagan O, post: 510359"]

Sorry bro, this is my forum so I'll do what I want.



Who the fuck thinks they own an internet forum?

Muppet. You are, all talk, no substance.


I'll give you a word of advice for free.

It very well may be your forum but if it was depending on your interjections for it's survival it wouldn't see out the day. I'd be a little nicer to the people who are really keeping this place going if I were you


Terrible banter


Another clown for the circus it seems.


Flano is the lifeblood of this forum.


Flano effortlessly destroying these lads here..


Fagan seems to settling in quiet well here.
He has already called Puke out on the Clare Minors, tried to teach SS** Irish history lessons and generally taking no shit from nobody.


It seems Fagan is a top notch cunt alright, he'll fit right in. smiley


I'm not seeing that Dunph, with Kev maybe, but oul Fagan appears to have gotten young Flano quite flustered. Badly rattled I believe is the expression.


He's a poor man's Watch The Break at best.