FAO Fagan O'Dowd(the Night Prowler)


I won’t. The cunt is dead to me, now.




Mac has the night prowler rattled

check the newspapers today for missing people btw ,the prowler was out last night


Check the lakes for mobile phones


@Fagan_ODowd you must be delighted with all the coverage Dr Rhona O’Mahony is getting at the moment.


I’ve turned against her. I think she has sullied her reputation by siding with the illuminati.


I was interested to learn this morning that she is actually a sister in law of Peter Boylan, the driving force behind the current dispute.


Rhona was in fighting form on Newstalk. She’s fierce feisty. She’d put manners on you fairly fast @Fagan_ODowd


Is it the Munster championship defeat or all Ireland series defeat you usually disappear after @Fagan_ODowd. I’m hoping you’ll skip the summer holiday from here this year


You fucking Wexford cunts are becoming painful… One fucking win and you haven’t stopped giving it the big un…



We’ve won 2 games mate by the way


Fucking hell, they’ll be claiming that they’ve reinvented hurling soon. I hope Galway beat the living shite out of them next week


Two weeks, mate.


And then too


You would know better than me in fairness. You’re the one who stalks me relentlessly when I leave sending me pms and then inventing pms from me when I don’t respond to your pitiful advances.



Only half of that is made up too



Macstalkey strikes again


How do you think I picked my worktop?




Here head the ball and @fran , don’t be lumping all us Wexford lads in with @mac the insufferable git. We’re not all banging on relentlessly about how we cruised through the league beating all before us and then lamping Kilkenny in Wexford Park last week, driving the final nail into Cody’s lead lined coffin. The rest of us are quietly getting on with business, hiding here in the long grass hoping no one will notice the quiet, understated revolution that’s underway after we cruised through the league and bate the living shite out of Kilkenny.
Sure Galway will put up a cricket score against us and then we’re back down again with the dross like Limerick and Kilkenny (who we have already beaten and beaten badly I might add).
I’ve probably said too much, just be kind and let us enjoy these moments of simple joy that we promise not to continue to rave on about, like beating Kilkenny recently (did you hear about that?).