FAO Fagan O'Dowd(the Night Prowler)


You fucking gobshite


A prick at times.


Galway Wexford will be a close game mate, and well you know it.


Ah I can’t see it mate, we’ve shot our load now, injuries left right and centre (forward), on the beer for the last week. We’ll keep up with the putative All Ireland champions until the 55th minute, then you’ll pull away from us and you should win by 8-9 points handy enough. It’s Galway’s year mate, you’ll walk this All Ireland. This breakout of interesting happenings in Munster will come to a shuddering halt and the wesht will be awake again!


You’re well rested after the supreme effort in slaying the cats, a week bathing in the springs in Lisdoon, they will be rearing to go. You have a serious goal threat and our FB line are weak enough. Chin could dominate, he is a shoe in for HOTY. Wexford Cork final most likely.


Neither of us are doing the Kilkenny beal bocht shite very well are we? The likes of @Fran and @cluaindiuic were masters at it, offering sorry stories of injuries and general malaises about the greatest hurling team in history, while sniggering behind their keyboards, knowing they’d lump seven shades of shite out of the next no hopers to challenge them.
Suffice to say we both know we have very good teams and I hope we batter the shite out of yis.


I heard that @Bandage has commissioned @Sidney to draft an updated version of dancing at the crossroads in advance of the Leinster final. His first cut at it wasn’t good enough he hadn’t squeezed in any mention of the opera house


And the Opera Festival as well mate, we have an internationally renowned Opera Festival.


You’ll be singing like a castrato when we are done with you.


I’m a Baritone / Bass mate and intend to stay that way.


We don’t hope it. We know it.


Shure they have one in Lismore now.


Their own dedicated Opera House and internationally renowned Opera Festival? In Lismore? I think you might be making that up mate.






Job for the little fucker. He should a-peel if convicted.


Great news.


Bet he squealed like a piggy.