FAO GearoidNorris

We warmly welcome new members to TFK and it’s no different with Gearoid.

I invite members to ask Gearoid any questions and Gearoid to tell us a little about himself.

Best of luck on TFK pal.


Gearoid, welcome. Are you a crumble or a tart man?

That’s not the standard greeting message!

What was the story with this guy? His first post was to look for a PM on the sports personality. Fuck off with yourself.

We’ve had a couple of new subscribers of late, anything to do with Rocko’s new policy of limiting threads to those sick snooping guest cunts?

Well not too many of them are going to stick around if they are told to fuck off the first time they post

You did.

Ya and look where that got ye

Cheap IT advice?

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