Fao: hbv**


Pleased to say that I finished 1st in the order of merit for that job interview and will be back in the workplace as soon as possible.

Thanks for the motivation, you nasty bastard. I fucking thrived on it.



Unrale. Up Limerick.

We’ll win Liam. If I can finish first, these boys can too.

You’re welcome kid. And we’ll done.

Kep her steady now for a while.

Will do. I’m focused and goal-oriented these days.


Ah great. You’re on a panel for some shite dead end job.
Well done kid.

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I got the job dickhead, and it’ll pay my way, provide for my son and allow me to cut a single with my band in Windmill Lane so we can do our thing at a higher level and gain national recognition and get signed by a label.

That’s MY name. And what are you? You’re nothing.


watch your spelling

:+1: :+1:

Ah lovely. Some of us always believed.

im thinking of getting divorced
how does it work? will i end up giving her the house, keeping the mortgage and she’ll take the youngfella.
should i get legal advice? she wants to just head off back home on the plane with him, what’s my rights here?

Jesus sorry for criticising you. I didn’t realise you had a foolproof plan in place. Aren’t I foolish.


What would you like out of it McKee?

Bollix of a situation to be in Mickee. I’m not a hundred miles from it myself. In some ways we’re Inseperable, but in others I stand back and look at her and wonder who the fuck is she and why the fuck do I even spend time in the same room as her.
Both of us brought up in old fashioned catholic families that stuck together regardless… so a child reared by divorced parents is the last option, but lately it’s in the back of my mind more and more.

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i dont know pal, i really dont know at this stage.
honestly i am devoid of empathy right now, even for my self if such a thing is possible, i can sit here staring into space thinking of the finality of it all with the utter emptiness ( that at times may be comforting because it is that void after all in which you can find peace and wallow in your state of aloofness)… until i drift off to sleep and face it again the next day knowing , adding false converstaion or giving hope to someone who is oblivious to the fact that we are destined to an endgame that i control …maybe thats all i feel i can control, hence the nature of this

Have you considered an Escort? I know a lad on here who can point you in the right direction.


Suicide thread beckons. Farmer will bump it accordingly.

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Ah that don’t sound so bad. You are just bored of her and even those like yerman lockes who still adores his misses ‘grinning smiley from previous board’ and lives in a fairytale marraige after all those years will admit to himself that she can be a bit of a dose at times and that he’d be hoping for a bit of overtime at work and be hoping she’s in bed when he gets home.
Completely natural as woman are hard work. Most people stay in marraiges for their kids. Fact.

Now, if you hate her guts that’s a different story. Do you despise her? Is she bringing the worst out in you?
First wife this happened. No way out of this. Second wife see paragraph one.
If you hate the fucking sight of her and want the kid then ultimately you have to play dirty. Sort her out with a criminal record pronto is my advice. Plant something in the buggy when you go to work something like that


In fairness, that’s advice you’ll never get on Dear Frankie, @mickee321