Best of luck with the business venture - the whole forum is behind you

  • except Mac. Don’t mind him and his cushy fookin number. :angry:

What’s all this now…

I’ll echo those warm hearted sentiments.


i know who i will be going to next time i need a flyer or pamphlet printed up…great to see kev take the likes of WTB, CLD and mac to school today…three nobodies dismissed out of hand with relative ease

Good luck with it kev. I’d have my doubts about the numbers but if Tinnion’s happy then I’m happy.

Only thing I’d be wary of is if it’s a particular website business run by GD then the same lad is also selling a car… looks like he might need the cash more than freeing up the time. Pure speculation though and that was just from a curious 60 seconds of googling.

I would have presumed that the leaflet business was all sewn up by the local newspaper distributors but I know nowt about it. I remember when TFK was just a small little business that I ran from home with 3 employees. Now look at Dunph parading on his manor on the advertising revenue.

Much appreciated lads. May not happen, but if it does i’ll make it work.

Can you point me in the way of this thread from earlier please.

have a look at the IMF thread and the incredible peices of skill thread, the internet at it’s best :smiley:

I think you are not on the right guy, but PM me anyway with what you found if you don’t mind. I’ve googled the guy i met, and his businesses, nothing out of the way anyway.

So what if he’s looking for cash, if the numbers add up, and more importantly i’m really starting off with 85 good clients then it doesn’t matter a fuck. I work in in a somewhat related area, i can mix and match the clients i already have.

Ah yeah it’s not an issue I’d say, just thought I’d pass it on. I’ll send you a message on it.

Ah sure, if you’re not in you can’t win.

i will take a pm there as well rocko…Thinking of diversifying from the dog breeding, Lohan can’t go forever

I know bank employees are despised by the general public but I always tried my living best to go the extra mile to get loan applications approved for people like Kev who exude passion in their work and display real get up and go.

Happy Christmas Kev
:clap: :barcasmile: :pint:

Happy Christmas fella, i’m after a few, but i can genuinely say, i’ve made an e-friend in you. I think you understand the guff better than most.

To you and yours, and to Wexford!


I love you guys

By the way, i went against this, i got fair advice here, and i must say some of it influenced the decision. But ultimately the accountant wasn’t 100% behind it, so who am i to question such a man when he’s not sure of my money.


I know you get it ya fucker :lol:

Hope Santy is good to the young wan!

Here Kev, happy Christmas you weird cunt. Glad you passed up on farmers failing business.

Here’s to Cork :pint:

Recommendation request - east or west or city? Heading down that way for a few days in the new year.

I’d aways be West myself Mac, but weather has to be considered now, i wouldn’t like you to be stuck down anywhere. East you should go to Garryvoe, i’m sure you know it, you have Agada in you don’t you? Midleton is a lovely town, but i never experienced the New Year there. The walks on the beaches down east during the winter are beautiful, if thats what you are into. I have friends living down in Cloyne now and i’m starting to appreciate the East more.

West, i’d go at least as far as Clon, but maybe stay out in Inchadonney or Dunhill or somewhere, and go in for New Years to Clon, its a quare old place on New Years. But ultimately i’d go to Schull and Barleycove, the craic is massive. Its a fucking massive trip though, that has to be considered. Baltimore is another massive option, same distance and had a few great New years down there, slightly closer than Schull.

For the City, well Cork isn’t great on New Years or around it, Cork people tend to leave, or have massive private parties in selected Hotels or Nightclubs where the tickets went on sale for over a months ago. So basically, if you have nothing organised in the city, forget it.