Fao ncc

Have a great time at you Christmas party tonight buddy.

Great thread.



FAO clarkycat

any craic mate?

FAO farmer

im happy that you hope ncc has a good night tonight

Never heard of him.

dont drink and drive tonight buddy

FAO clarkey cat

im not in a good mood today

fao flano

story bud?

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

FAO bandage

how are you today? i hope you have a good weekend

fao puke

pukey - i know you are reading this

I’m gonna ban you when I get home.

fao gsh

come back matey

why? if farmer can create pointless threads, why cant i?

Are you in the Legends Group?

You’ve answered your own question there son.

you created a pointless thread for ncc, so i created a few pointless threads.