FAO Non Celtic Fans

If you were a Celtic fan would you want Gordon Strachan to continue as manager?

Personally I’d be very disappointed if he left now, and I suspect Bandage and Larry feel the same, though they can obviously speak for themselves. Just been viewing a poll on an unofficial forum there where out of 156 votes so far:

81 want him to continue as manager
75 want to see him gone.

I know he’s not awfully popular but I’m still astonished that so many people think we’d be better off with someone else - given our successes in his time in charge.

As a neutral I couldnt see any reason why he shouldn’t be manager. Another man isn’t going to do a lot better. Stability is good for a club. He’s guided Celtic to the last 16 of the Champions league in two successive seasons. Great achievement considering the bad away form in Europe.

I really don’t care about what teams are managed by what manager. It’s of no concern to me. Ginger should stay and bring in Lennon as part of his ginger squad. Bring a bit of tri-colour value to Parkhead.

Why on earth would they sack him?

He inherited an aging team, built his own team and has got them to the Last 16 of the Champions League for the last two years. I don’t like the ginger fook but he has done a helluva good job I think (throw in two leagues as well).

No seriously what reasons are they given for sacking him? I am interested to know. There must be some idiot Celtic fans out there…

There certainly are some idiot Celtic fans out there. Some of the main reasons given for sacking him are:

  1. He gives glib answers in press conferences when we’ve had a bad result which is insulting to the fans
  • that can be frustrating sometimes but at the end of the day I know it doesn’t matter. And to be honest when you’ve endured the dourness of Kerr and Stan as international manager for a while you’ll take cheeky chappy any day.
  1. The football we play is stagnant and boring
  • the style of football last year was poor and we didn’t score many goals at all. It improved considerably at the start of this season and while we’re missing Naka at the moment we’re certainly improving as a football side
  1. He hasn’t invested enough in the defence
  • Against Milan we played a back 4 that cost zero. With Kennedy as the next centre half down that’s another homegrown player. Our full backs were purchased for less than a million so it is a cheap defence. The money he did spend was on Virgo (2m) and he’s brutal. That said I think the back 4 have been more than decent usually. I’d like a better centre half to play alongside McManus than Pressley but I think O’Dea could be that man.
  1. He refuses to play Riordan or Balde
  • Can’t disagree with him on either of those decisions. Riordan is too lightweight to play up front and too individualistic/selfish to be a winger. Balde is a decent defender but makes so many mistakes. More importantly you can’t pass the ball when you have Balde in the team because opponents learn that he’s the one to pressurise into mistakes.
  1. He isn’t Martin O’Neill
  • Strachan has delivered 9 points in two seasons in the CL, something that people assume O’Neill did regularly. O’Neill did that once in three attempts and the big CL scalp at home under O’Neill was Juventus who put out a second choice team because they had already qualified. The last season under O’Neill was dreadful. Appalling standard of football, an appalling jersey with a black collar and some overpaid and ageing stars.

I can’t think of any reason why he should get the boot - don’t think he will either.

No he certainly won’t be sacked whether we win the league or not. It’s just that many/most fans will want him to be sacked.

It’s purely personal IMO, I think I have met two or three people max who want him out, and it’s purely personal. Glib answers in press conferences - boo fucking hoo, get a life. Can’t believe people think that is a valid reason for wanting rid. :wink:

Completely agree with you. When Brian Quinn stepped down as chairman he gave an interview where he was praising all Strachan had done, but he mentioned in it that he can be a difficult sort of fellow. I’d imagine he might be but Quinn obviously knew that was nothing to do with his abilities in his job. I can’t understand anyone who cares more about his personality than his performance as a manager to be honest. But there are loads of them out there.

Sledgehammer is the future I’ve been told.

Aim for the stars Flingo