Please stop using players nicknames or first names as if you are a close personal friend of theirs.

You do not know “kuuuuuuuuuun”, or “Fez” or “Deccie”. They do not know you. Unless a nickname is very commonly used (like ROG), then please refrain from using it. If you are in any doubt as to what nicknames are acceptable to use then please PM me before usage and I will clarify the situation for you.


The Runt

Could tyhe private schoolboy mac please refrain from his constant name dropping as well. it is sickening at this stage. I’d say Ivan Yeates is even embarrassed at the amount of shit talking Head Boy Mac does about him


Just crawl back under whatever rock you came from. The end.

Fez is something I wouldnt normally use mate, but I was posting from my handheld device and couldnt have been arsed type out the surnames of him and the others I was referring to at the time. I will never use the abbreviation Church if thats of any help to you?

But you can go fuck if you think I’ll stop referring to Mr Kidney as Deccie you utter cunt of a runt.

Sorry for catching you out last night mate, hope everythings good in France though. Take care of yourself out there. They chew up culchie rubes.

Ah here.

Can the Runt be banned for failing to understand what FAO stands for - again.

I think the best course of action would be to ban mac, mbb and the runt.

This is a great thread. I’d drop Runt from that list though Puke. Other 2 can go.

Thrawneen knows the score.

I’m not your mate. You really are an idiot. I said last night that i watched Niall Quinns fox of a wife on the Brendan O’Connor show on RTE player, but you seem to think that i can’t watch RTE player from abroad and have taken this as proof that i don’t live in France. Any of the other overseas posters will confirm that yes you can watch certain programmes from abroad on RTE player, i explained this to you last night. And still you go on about “catching me out”. You’re a simpleton.

Ah lovely. Another day of random attacks from Chewy / The “I’m never coming back to this site again” louie / puke for no reason.

Glad to see I irk you so much you insufferable cunt of a man.

Listen buddy, there’s no need to get upset. We all believe you’re in France. Honest. There’s nothing odd about your story at all. You shouldnt get so worked up about it.

e-sound of knives sharpening here …

I’m open to correction but i think you can view it anywhere in the EU. I can even watch certain repeats and snippets like interviews and news here in Oz, but not a game for instance.

Runt, again like the little fella among the group of bigger lads in the schoolyard drops the idea to germinate and stands back and watches the dolts carry out his plans. He’s a cute lil fucker all the same. One post and he’s done. You have to respect it. :wink:


Not again!

you should invite runt over to france and ye can go trick or treating as asterix and obelix

Hear Hear, fucking numpty of a man!

MAD is seething because I got the Glin Coursing Draw before him.
He even told me the draw hadn’t been held yet, even though a contact of mine in the Glin CC had emailed me a copy of the draw 20 minutes eariler.

He needs a slap on the wrists at the very least


You are not Jessica Fletcher, you will never know what went on, so refrain from trying to drag my good name down with false accusations!!
And go handy on the Twitter, don’t believe everything you hear. Good lad. 